There's more to running a kingdom than warfare, and the skilled use of the tactics of diplomacy can lead to great power and influence.

Orc Lord : Matthew K. Nelson In Call of the Kings, your diplomatic options range from making donations to the esteemed Imperial Guilds in your quest for favor through to bestowing titles of nobility to other players. Annex the weak and outlaw your inactive or disloyal vassals.

Join a Clan to get allies and persuade the other players to select you to be their Clan Master or the Clan Elder. Vote about Arch Enemies and share strategies with your clan mates.

Money, troops and equipment can be traded to other players, making alliances of great value. You can focus on trade and commerce building a thriving infrastructure, or secure monopolies and trade centers in multiple cities - including those of your opponents!

At the pinnacle of diplomatic success, you may find yourself a member of the Imperial Council. Here, your vote can influence the law of all Khadoria, decide the punishment of rogue estates, and even determine the fate of entire kingdoms!