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A long long time ago... I can still remember... my history of playing started. It must have been around February 2003, now more than a year ago.
I remember me noob times... Playing games solo, then getting killed all the time, learning stuff like building city income over 2000 gold a turn, never put all your heirs into the same army (damn, I didn't even know every family had more than one heir :s), stuff like that...
A couple of players really helped me on the way: Shadow|Bane (which gave me some insights in economy and empire guilds), Luther (which gave me my first insights in armies), Sub-Zero (which gave me some insights in speedy economy building), and prolly some other players whose name I can't recollect for the moment.
When S|B asked me why I didn't join a clan, I was kinda puzzled. I checked out the clans at that time: Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The Drunks, The Khadorian Rangers, The Call of the Tenebres, The Lost Souls, and perhaps some others I don't quite remember anymore. I ended up in the Lost Souls together with some weird player Dragon|Knight who became clan master the day after, and when the Elder left (I think his name was something like Emanuel), he became elder and I became Master. Soon that clan would be renamed \"The Knights of Dark Terror\". Nothing worth mentioning though, coz it was actually a collection of nooby players who just tried to have fun in the game :-). One of our members was Sir Astroth, a guy I got to know better on msn, with which I founded the Knights of the Round Table. I took on a Master position over there, and kept on improving myself, trying to teach some newer players something, but I was in no way any good, yet still better than all my clan members.
It was around that time I played my first tournament. I was sitting in Normoria and just when I sent my hof out of town to get some units in a city nearby, only to see my main town - it had the highest income in the complete game coz I only spent money in building eco, and nothing in fort - fall into the hands of a guy named MindBender. I didn't know him at that time, and the first thing I wanted to do is get my city back :-). Never could I have foreseen that my army would bounce against at least a 15 fort, meaning that the family and units were squashed like an annoying bug. First tourney ended up in a real disgrace, so I decided to stay out of them for a while...
It would only be a matter of about a month, in which I suddenly got an intelligence boost :-). Luther told me about forting up a town in tournies, and Sub-Zero spread his wings over me, and showed me some tricks of the trade. We started playing together a lot, and game after game we won. At that time he was elder of the Nazgul, and it took him some serious convincing power to get me over there :-). I gave up my master position of the Knights of the Round Table and passed it on to Legendary_The_Great, and moved to the Nazgul. It was a painful moment for me, coz I really liked it overthere, despite the fact that I could hardly rely on clannie help in games...
One player Neo|BlueDragon came with me to the Nazgul. He was an older (yet not that good a) player, but he was promissing. He still might be, but I hardly see him in game anymore (only on the forum :p). There I met RedScorpio, NightWish, Quazimodo (who actually almost stopped playing 2 weeks later), JoKeR, and lots of others. I became Master of the Nazgul, and actually we started to dominate the games, because the Drunks and the Horsemen were pretty inactive in regular games. At that time we only knew stuff about exp farming (not item farming alas), and we were one of the most active clans at that time. Maybe the Rangers were about as active coz they had 4 times the amount of members we had :-). Also some players from the CotT were pretty active, so we occasionally had games going with more than 7-8 peeps in.
When I finally got the hero wars thing a bit settled out - thanx Red - the game crashed. No more big gun families (which I thought was ok), and the period in which the game was down, some of our Nazgul members started looking for other games or play Ages of Empires online. It was one of the most boring periods, in which we eagerly looked about 3 times an hour to check whether COTWL was back.
When it got back, game had met his first downward spiral, I guess... It took a while before everyone got back, and the Nazgul were recreated. Drunks and Horsemen were a bit more active, and we got beatings from the vets. Even Taz had returned, and I still think him and MB make a whicked duo :s.
We, as Nazgul, got tired of getting beaten up, and finally turned to reinforce the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. One will never understand how it felt to click on the \"Leave Clan\" button, while in fact that was the clan that really made you to what you are up till today...
Once in Horsemen, I started to do some field research with RedScorpio, trying to master as much fields of the game, trying to find out as many tricks of the trade and stuff like that... We kinda spent more time in discovering new things out of the manual, than we did in gaming. And once we found something, we would try and experiment with that :-). It was a funny time, and before I even knew it, I became Master from the Horsemen, following up Karam.
Anyways, this is a bit of history from my perspective. I can tell lots of other stuff, but I primarily want to thank a lot of peeps for giving me such a good time over here :-). And my oh my, I don't wanna just thank all the big whales in the ocean, but also the little shrimps that made this game rock so hard for me ;-). Thanx!!!
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Well i dont think im as old as the rest but ill put in my 2 cents.
i started back in beta about 2-3 months before the game left beta stages.ill never forget my first 5 or so games the first was with a fella named rashad i think his name was and he tought me to trade and i picked it up easy and some basic points on armies. couple days later i had this uncontrolled urge to play the game again so onto game #2 and it was a racial wars with about 10-15 newbies in it meenwhile 4 hopurs later i had 3 nice cities and a decent income and some alliances and had a good ole time untill i noticed the game was going on 10 hours and thought damn will it ever end then i discovered the IC and eventually took it, in total that game took 12 hours with 2min turns (i was damn tired after) at this point i took a real liking to the game and for the next 2 weeks played about 3 games a day meeting ppl learning stuff and having an absolute awesome time until my ISP decided to cancel my account so i was without the game for 2 months or so and when i gpot back on the game was out of beta and i had me a hired blade account :D thanks dev team so i jumped into a game and i noticed that about 4 ppl in oshon where from a clan named The Church not knowing who they was i got all cocky and built my amry of hunting eagles and headed over to oshon to show these guys the curry on the way i meet a force from Char i think it was and got my ass kicked really bad by his rockthrowers :( this was a big lesson for me and i learnt alot from that game and promised to get him back one day unfortunatly a few days later my ISP cut me off again and i moved house and eventually forgot about the game. 6-8 moths later i found the COTWL installer on one of my cd's i had burnt off :) and played a few little games here and there over the next 2 months until i realised how great this game was and started playing non stop all the time for few weeks till i met anar and vigo (the founders of The Nazgul) and they offered me a place in there clan so i accpeted and played some games with them untill they all of a sudden left the clan and i was elder from there i met Dagarf and here i am today :)
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I started playing this game on June 20, 2002 at 22:47:53 (I still have the e-mail). Started off as most newbs did, and tried to follow what the stupid tutorial said to do. I really didn�t have a clue as to what was going on (I didn�t read the manual like all of you should!) my first game was a waste�well�not quite. I did get a basic concept on how to gain an economy, but not till the very end of the game. The next two or 3 games I spent just studying buildings, and testing stuff out, and lo and behold, I found the wonderful gift of extorting taxes!! What a great game indeed. I also stumbled upon the economy power of mansions with weavers and tailors. That�s right, I figured it out by myself, and didn�t need anybody�s help, and I�ll tell ya, it was fun. (I�m kind of a math nerd, so that could explain that :p). I started perfecting it pretty fast, but always augmenting it a little bit. At this point I was not concerned about winning at all, just trying to figure stuff out (which I suggest all you noobs to the same) By my sixth game I had battle pretty much figured out as well, and I joined a po-dunk clan by the name of Mordor. I quickly gained honor points, and surpassed my clannies. Soon I found myself as a guardian, and pretty quick after that, I became master. Then a few weeks later elder of my own clan. Now, since I joined a clan, I looked at all the other clans, and of course Horseman of the Apocalypse were on top. I vowed from that day that I would be in the clan that surpassed them in points, which I did. In august I found myself in a war between myself, and practically the whole clan of the warlords, lead by banshee at the time. A week of me vs. about 4 in each game. I learned SO much in this week. I don�t think I ever died, but I did get beaten down quite a bit, and end the end, I had beaten back on a lot of them. Horseman and the drunks around this time seamed to be VERY inactive. The drunks more so than the horse. SK had recently stopped playing and MB had �thrown in the towel� a few weeks before. I started to get offers to join other clans, like a mastership in Delmetrys clan the knights of dark terror, and�I forget his name, but the clan was the Curse of Torgul. I also got an offer from The_Drunks to merge our clans, but I really didn�t want to give up Mordor, and Drunks were very inactive�but so was my clan, except for me. I continued to fight alone, and without aide, always learning new battle tactics, and ways to stay alive against the odds. Now, I may have been alone, but I was not without my friends. I�ll name a few just for remembrance sake, some still kind of play today I think. There was Dak_rattler, O|aff, Madcrow, Delmetry, Krispy_Kitten just to name a few, there were many others, but I didn�t really like too many people in this game. Probably trusted Dak and O|aff the most at this point. Then MindBender rose from the ashes and went back to the Clan which he created in the beginning of time, The_Drunks. Now the drunk�s main goal from their start was to battle the horseman. That feud lasted forever, and the hatred still flows. This time when the MB asked me to not only join the drunks, but to be the master as well, I had to really think. I knew that if I left that mordor would crumble�but to join the clan�and the man that had been fighting against the clan I hate the longest was too much to pass up�but I had one condition, that I could bring my clansman along. I left mordor in the seemingly capable hands of Shako, and St Brahma�it fell into oblivion about a month later. Now that I was in a clan with the great MB himself, I no longer had to be alone. He taught me a few things that I didn�t already know, mainly concerning heroes, and a few tricks of the trade that I had not figured out yet. I built up a new fam, and was soon taking tourneys alongside mindbender, and BBBastardo as well as some others in our clan. After many victories, and my family going full board, and me actually teaching MindBender a few things, I was appointed elder. As MB put it, �I just want to kill, not lead.� So I was now in command, organizing attacks in game, and smiting our foes. Christmas came, and I went home from school for a month, and pretty much stopped playing. I came back, and shortly after, I found myself sitting at the #1 spot, above MB�s scary fam, and above SK�s, and Chars mighty scary fam as well. I held that spot for over a month I think. Same-ol-same ol for the next few months, I was getting kinda board, and slowed my playing quite a bit. I had planed on stopping playing for awhile once school was up, but an event quickened that departure a bit. I was in a game with my fairly new up-and coming fam. It was unfarmed, and all the items off of it were from my super old fames. #2-5 for me I think. They were quite a collection. I saw a game with 4 horsemen, and my former clansman, anar. Now I couldn�t pass this up, it was rare to ever see 4 horses in a game at this time. I was nerve racked tho. I started up on a huge mistake - I forgot to re-arrange my items, so that my king had a neut weapon, and I attacked del - that battle lasted way too long - and he didn�t die, and I had to flee. If my hof would have had that dam bow, things might have been different. Now, all four horses were trading with one another, so I attacked one of each pair, cutting off income. I teled over and took karams city, then back over and took out maldito�s as well. Karam died, but mal had an heir or two running around. I beat down Torbins city and army, but didn�t kill him, and Del without a partner was run-down as well. Maldito attacked one my main town, and took it, then I teled in and took it back, killing his last heir. Sometime in this I had attacked Anar, cause I was kinda mad she left. But she had remained quiet. I took out some semi-noobs city cause it had big income, and I figured I�d start going for city win with the two remaining horse beaten down, and submitted. Then Anar comes along, and goes to take one of my mini cities. I, thinking nothing of it, teled all my heroes down to defend. I should have used the tactic I learned a LONG time before, and gotten bg�s as well, and things could have been different, but Anar�s 250 peasant army ate my heroes alive�there was nothing for me to do, but watch my fam die, and say good-bye to all my precious items. What was soon to be one of my greatest victories became my demise. I was pissed, at both myself, and anar - so I said my good-byes, and I left till the summer was over. I came back for 3 days, re-created mordor like I had vowed - then the game crashes - bye-bye everything - and here we are today, Starting anew, without any insane rank 20+ heros. Clean slate, and wiped game.
Tazmissle, Former, and current elder of Mordor, Elder of The_Drunks, game Moderator, Taodan, and Former holder of the #1 ranked spot in the game.
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The first time i came here i went server to server... learning the hard way, i won wars and took over city but what screwd me over was debt problems and my cities being overcomed by mob militias lol.. so i figured out about gaurd houses and stuff and how extortion works and etc... then i joined KoTRT... became a Apprentice learned some stuff from DaGarf of course and then became a Member then a Gaurdian now im Master of KoTRT ^^, theres more to that but far of all that thats all i can actualyl remember lol
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The unique tale of Iron-Fisto spans over a period of about a year. I first came to play in 1st January 2002. During that period till COtW went gold (around March to April), i would say the best time i ever had. I could never forget that period and i always yearn to experience another one. (yet, i never come to realise it even after 1year plus)

During that period, the dev team and the gamers worked closely, they listened well to our comments and even developed what they call a 'wish list' and 'to do list'. Apart from that, games are rather 'open' as in experienced players and total noobs played together. We frequently get 5-8 players in game, more at times. The fact that they were mostly 2min (1:30 didnt exist that time) bored some of us. Yet its always fun seeing people talking in the gamechat, looking at noobs making mines and you steal them, seeing the old peeps ( like Deke, raxor,MB, talisman, and couple excluded:P) killing noobs and they start whining. The horsemen, church and drunks were the main clan. Knowledge were highly guarded and as a result (with nowhere to turn to) i had to resort to learning the game on my own. It took me about a month to learn the game mechanics and mastered them well.

I soon joined the Shadowmarket (home to the new players) and shared my strategies. I quickly rose to power and took over Whisky's position of Master (that Whisky guy still exist now!). After another month, i began to develop this new strategy which aided very well in my games.

It was the commerce strategy. Before that, most people even the veterans prefered trading as they usually hunt in packs and that was by far the most viable method of income. Long way back, some players do practice commmerce with frequent extorts for instant cash.
It was during the period, Feb/March maybe earlier (1.5 yrs is a long time!) i chose a technician heritage due to cheaper building costs and huge space upgrade to test my commerce strat. Even when commerce only creates a measly 20/gold per diff , my strategy worked very well. If i recall correctly, shortly after that commerce income were changed to 30 then i dont know why, it was changed back to 20. Then it got changed back to 30 (till now). I was already killing people (only those who attacked me first) even with the 20/gold commerce. Of course with 30, it got better. It was further aided by my extort technique (you can extort till crime goes 60 compared to 40 now). Furthermore, the bad events (like riots, income drop, stolen gold, lynching!, etc) that occur are usually mild compared to now). With that, i was able to get more than double income (crime red was only -5, the analyst fad hasnt come yet).

I posted the strategy with every single detail in the clan forum. It was rather welcomed but still i dont see my clannies practicing them lol. Rashad the clan elder also came up with another strat. He insisted on using brothels (dont ask me why, mine was mansions) I dont remember if he did it succesfully either.

There were many in the clan who still exist now, of course, in another clan now. Horseys and Drunks mostly. Now the drunks has become SOT. They were Torbin, Karam, Tushe, Delmetry, Enigma and more i cant remember who. Ive had invitations to join these clans but didnt as that means i will have to leave SM and i might have to join them killing 'newbies' (but thats not the reason actually) I prefered to stay in SM and continue my preaching on the newbies. I was sort of like a Newbie lobbyist, arguing for Newbies' rights in forums. Im not sure if that worked well. Probably not considering the state the game has become. Strongholds, 20 Frog games ,etc. It just dilute the player pool, experienced ones on one side, noobs on the other. Noobs also dont have anyone to turn to since the other noobs are just as clueless to answer their questions.
Now, i dont really care about such issues anymore.

to be continued...
(dont reply anything yet, when i return i'll continue)
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During the period of Feb-June, i could say that i was most active but gradually decreasing as time go by till June/July, which was the end of me (ill say later).
As mentioned, i was a pacifist. Only to attack when someone attacks me. I was also a lone ranger, playing most games all by myself with no clannies by my side. I prefered it to be that way so that i can get as much points(honor) as i can. Of course, with over 40+ members in SM, ocassionally there will be clannies who tag along with me. Honor wasnt easy to come by. There were no tourneys at all and most players had to resort to the conventional 'jump attack' to earn points. As such the rankings are filled with low point fams. The top ten were in the 10-15k range while only 5k points is already considered very good. The rankings were usually used as a yardstick on how good a player was (but not now)

Jump attacks was nothing new to me, i did get 'jumped' by couple of horsemen before and it wasnt an easy fight. I cant exactly remember most of my fights as it was way back but im sure i gave a good whacking. AttitudeA once told me (shortly after he joined horsemen) that there was a poll on \"Which player you fear most or something like that (you get the idea)\". I was one of them, while the other four came from the Drunks. I kept a low profile all along but i guess action speaks louder than words.

Another event somewhere during March was this 'debate' between Members of Cotw United vs Mythal Solcrate/with his asistant {cant remember who}. Although i always ferquent the forums, i avoided this one as it was nothing more than insults, critics and lots of trashtalk. For the first time in Cotw history, the forces of drunks and horseys unite to bring down this 'unwelcomed guest' (thru verbal means, plus 'hunt' threats){Hunts were nothing new to me too}.

Towards the end of my days (around June), things started to get worst. Heroes were farmed. I strongly opposed to it and so does Rashad. There were other problems too but i cant remember what. Soon after, Rashad lost hope to the game and left the clan for NWN. Delmetry went along too. He asked me to come along with him, and i did bought NWN too but unfortonutely my computer couldnt support it :( due to some problem with Geforce2 card. I bought Warcraft3 instead (cool game!) and so i left the clan also. Leaving no successor, the clan crumbled. I regretted.
I did revived the clan (after a sucessful coup de tate of a dying clan) about a month or two later. Got some of the old clannies back but i knew i was going to leave again soon. Young Anar did come to the clan, play a few games with her. It was bad of me not to teach her properly (i was still frustrated) and she kept dying lol. I went missing after a few weeks and again SM died. Anar later joined drunks and became quite a good player i suppose.

Hero wars was the main concern for my leave. Way back in Jan-Feb, you start a game with
ALL your noble heroes (4heirs and hof). It was damn crazy. At turn one, you can see heroes coming out of towns and the next few turns, wham, an NPC city dead. Not to mention the teleport spell which back then it cost around 20 or was it 14? (cant remember) where you can teleport the WHOLE army for a range of 7 squares. Thankfully, the skill points system hasnt been implemented so heroes are still quite weak. Towards the end of March (the skill system was them implemented) and two farmers have been suspected. One is HellSpawn and the other was Stormknight. SK had a rank 60 family and romours start pouring in the public forums with Horseys accusing the Drunks. It was then decided that since Cotw is going Gold, game imbalances should be fixed as fast as possible. The forum called \"The Bomb\" was made and everyone started pouring in their ideas. It was then agreed that ranks are attained exponentially and so the family Bibiltin went from rank 60 to rank 24. Somewhere after that, i met HS farmed fam in a game, one on one. With my puny rank 8, i killed his heroes and was rewarded with tonnes of XP! I was so thrilled (great items too!) but unfortunately, i couldnt ressurect my heroes after game as i had no IG left (yes! it cos IG to ress last time). I laughed my ass off after hearing that he payed bout 140 IG to ressurect his fam. I soon realised that he was on fake account and was then banished from the game. Bibiltin was still alive and many attempts were made to kill it. Then came the period of rampant farming which made me left the game around June.

Even after i left again after i came back to revive the clan, i did come back again. I started a new life and i am still living to this very moment. The one whole year under the 'new life' wasnt really a great one, as the game has already begun to lose its luster. But it is great to know that once a upon a time, this game was really great thx to the dev team and i really feel it is unfair to accuse them of 'not putting in effort' at this very moment in not solving most of the games problems. In nature, cyclical events are common. Good games has its ups and downs. So does your passion for the game. For me, the downswing is taking its toll, but i shall return again.

The mysterious Iron-Fisto,
Master of disguise

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Over a year an a half ago, the Serial Killa, a.k.a. the Insidious One, aka the Baller, aka the Dissident, aka...alright...sidious, came stumbling onto the scene, half coherent from the heavy haze of smoke that followed. He smirked at some of the more colorful personalities, some of which are still around, tangled with every veteran at one point or another, but ultimately thought it best to avoid joining a clan and set out to kill as many punks as possible, frequently allying with members of one clan or another, though not the most devious character to haunt the battle, or counted in the top 20 fams, yet no one you should ignore, unless you wanted him to sneak into your bedroom with a butcher knife (serial killers don't use swords). Families stacked with assassins or dragonknights, stalked into games. However, due to personal reasons, he abandoned his quest of multiple family killings in games and began spending his IG creating as many games as possible for the enjoyment of all before leaving town. It was much to his delight to find a full account (though no families) when he returned a year and a half later. So to those who I have met before, I say hello...I am happy to see old hats like taz, mb, the wander, and the rest of you still hanging around.
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I'd like to write down me story ...
i've started aroun` may june of 2003 after gettin` some info on the game from joker ... went back home downloaded it and started to play ... i made a few wins and entered with the khadorian rangers ... maybe the most active clan in that time, lots of players were still in the games everyday
soon my friend who used to work with me in the same internet cafe started to play also and we made quiet a nice time (his name was danutZZi). i first encountered some of the vets of this game in my 1st tourney i got in (plannin` to kill DragonKnight) danutZZi was there with me also ... and in the same team as me was MB.on the oposite team there was karam shadow|bane and dragonknight. in that game i got the word \"telekill\" on my screen first time since i had no ideea what it meant, danutZZi got killed by karam and soon i was goin` to die also.after some more days (maybe 2 weeks by now ... i was playin` like all day long) MB invites me to get in the same clan with him .it was a though choice since most ppl were tellin` me he's the best player aroun` but on the other hand i was nominated as clan guardian in the clan i was (the rangers). a true honor to get such a spot in such a short time si i was feelin` like betrayin` the ol` khadorians by leavin` ,,, after i talked to both MB and Luther i decided to leave the clan and go with MB (and maybe some would say it wasn't the best choice ... some would say i was lucky ... who knows what would have happened if i'd stayed with the rangers)
along with me came danutZZi and in that same night/day we got the first info on what herowars means (and i started to love that kind of fight). both me and dan had to delete our ol` fams and get those \"perfect\" fams . in the mean time most of our customers at the internet cafe started to play the game also since most of them were our friends and we all played like the same games usualy (before me and dan started workin` in that internet cafe we were clients also) ... and i won't denny now that there weren't a couple of multis from our ip but the thing is i got my account banned so i came back as HellBoY . the only one to know that was MB but since i liked to talk to a lot of ppl in here i soon changed my name back to red.dan came back also with me and after some time (matter of days also) we got ourselfs kicked from the drunks ... reason was that i was badmouthin` ... i was quiet mad at that time and so was danutZZi ... he played a little more and then quieted ... i went on and i'm real glad i did that
at this time the drunks had as active member only MB ... there were some more but they played long turner games ... the horsemen had a few players online also ... i remember arguein` with karam a lot about me beein` a thief (i really enjoyed stealin` back then) SB who teached me some tricks in army building and stuff like that ... Torbin who was the first one to teach me how to trade ... curt (i might nominate him as the first horsemen i ever got to kill ... nice fight it was) and probably others that i don't remember anymore (excuse me for that) ...
other active clans were cataclysm with icelord (siggi) maliki (who was the first good player to meed on the battlefield and to whom i think me and danutzzi left some nice good memories) and LastGrim who really amazed me in a nice itemhunt with his gluggs :)
the nazgul were also aroun` with subzero mostly as only representant ... from time to time i got to see quazimodo also and there was another guy who teached me how to build my economy (strat that i still use now with some small changes) draghar was his name if i remember good ...

bbl a little with the rest of the story ... got some work to do.
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One clan name i forgot about and that is \"call of the tenebres\" they used to be quiet active and usualy a lot of them played as much as i did ... some of them were my enemies backthen ... quiet good players for that time (koli kozafix and sorry about the others ... there was a sirsomethin` and another guy who kicked my ass in one tourney) .that's about all the clans i knew back then and that were pretty active ...
latter on sirastroth (one of the rangers i used to play) got a new clan on The knights of the round table ... after sometime dagarf was in there also ...
this was the time when i found myself kicked from the drunks and started a long walk with the \"no clan\" option showed upthere. i asked torbin if he'd get me in the horsemen but he said the only thing he can do is post the quiestion and nothin` more ... so i kinda left that ideea and soon i entered subzero's clan ... the nazgul
while i was in here i started to teach some players what i've learned from mb (i was quiet angry about my kickin`) and so i got nightwish and dagarf all i knew about this game and got some info from them also (more from dagarf then night but that doesn't matter anymore)
soon the nazguls would be a nice active clan with some good players active (me nightwish dagarf joker subzero) and we won some good games and tourneys back then ...
and since i wanted to still be in the drunks i finaly got that chance ... tho it was a stupid ideea and i lost some friends with this new chance ... i entered the drunks again .... and lucky` ol` me found himself kicked out after a couple of days (isn't this world wonderfull?)
after all this i decided it was time for me to change my name and start all over again ... i thought i made too many misstakes in this game ...
so there it was ... red was gonna die soon ... and deathclaws was gonna come in this world
i got dagarf to help me a little there so i could get back soon in the nazgul and i quiet enjoyed that noob life ... playin` and explainin` somethings to the new ones and askin` stupid questions to the old ones
pretty soon i told nightwish too who i was since i really liked that guy and we both played some games together
after sometime i trained me a fam with dagarf's help (made it lvl 10 i think) with some good items and i entered a battlezone with satan and sub ... was in the same kingdom with satan and i managed to kill sub in that fight ... that was my ticket to get in nazgul i think
after i got in i had to leave for a week or 2 and when i got back i've seen the changes ... after the crash no more fams no more items no more nothin` ... had to start all over again ... i was sorry for what i've lost yet i was feelin` good about the other superfams that were gone ... now everybody could start buildin` fams from zero. drunks were gone but the sots apeared ... first under a new name ... don't remember it now . the horsemen were on also the khadorians the nazguls i haven't got a chance to see call of the tenebres back ,.. maybe with time they'll be back also. as i saw most ppl went to sots as they were the best active clan around and so nazgul and horsemen merged.
i saw some horse who left cuz they didn't like \"the new look\" of the clan ... and i saw the old cataclysm in sots also
after some tourneys i managed to get my fam killed by taz and after that i had to leave my internet cafe as school started and i had to move (those weeks are those of which taz says i wanted to quit cuz i lost me fam ... i just didn't had internet connection ... i was online every 2-4 days to talk with my clansmen to know what is happenin` in the game and i was on game chat with me old name ReDScorpio ...

brb again with the end of the story :)
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I know i was never in the Church or any of the clans with a good reputation but i thought i would put my history back in here.I kind of miss seeing it hanging around before the crash.It's good to leave you're mark somewhere :o).
Anyway,on with the story :o).
I joined the game in may 2002 and joined a clan called the Knights of something or other :o),i can not remember the name exactly but it was not knights of dark terror.There i was shown the basics of economy until the clan disintergrated a few weeks later.
I was now at a loose end so i joined one of the many small clans that were around at the time and was surprised to find myself the clan elder when people started leaving.
Four of us stayed and played regularly. Merlin, CraiElCaldazar, Diego and myself. We would all join a game and try our best to beat each other.Families did not matter.What did was the considerable fun we had from these types of games and they kept us all in COTW for about 3 months.Then we decided to try a tourny just to see how good we were and were devestated to watch each of us get knocked of one by one by families teleporting left right and center.This was a bit much for the others and they started to drift off.The only member of Dragon's Bane that i see on the odd occasion now is Kris.
I left for 3 months and returned to find the clan gone.
I became clanless for a while and tried different ways of economy to try and improve on what i had but only in little ways (i am not mathematicaly minded enough to be one of the really good players) and i steadily impoved until i was asked to join two clans at the same time.
I opted in the end for the Khadorian Rangers because i have always had a leaning towards wanting to help new players.
That must have been about a year ago now and i am still in there :o)
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Hmmm... I think I'm due :P (where did the time go?!)
I first discovered the game while living in a rural area of China in the autumn of '03. I had time on my hands and enjoyed playing noob circuit games, going to sleep, and then waking up and taking up where I left off. The Crash was not so far off that the occasional player wasn't still returning. As I was tearing up the noob circuit with my 5K cities filled with taverns I bumped into one of these returning players, Ibu by name, who always seemed to have better armies with a small income. (damn analysts...) Ibu invited me to join a Clan -- The Knights of The Round Table -- which I did as Ibu was dribbling out bits of wisdom for me. The KoTRT were largely inactive with onle Neo|Blue Dragon, Ibu, myself and one other really playing. I slowly plodded along making very little headway over the next month in terms of war skills. But boyo could I build an eco for other to take :P
Somewhere along the way (Nov?) I started playing BZ games where IronFisto (Rusyd) and Gorro (Zod?) pushed me along by killing me over and over and over and over -- something to be said about having fort...
During this period the KoTRT fell apart and an Old Clan reformed -- Cataclysm -- I left the Knights for Cata and Ibu and Neo soon followed. Over the next month or so Maliki and Diablo helped me along in SH skill and I started to win to reach that 'journeyman' level. Okay at troop wars but woefully ignorant as far as hero wars was concerned.
Cata became a strong SH game clan but had no presence in tourneys as the Horse and SoTs were highly active. Cata was a loose affiliation of players but never generated much of a clan 'culture'. Siggi and Maliki left the SoTs to reform Cata but the clan never emerged from its rebirth into a solid group. Somewhere along the way, I'll not bore you with the details but you can always ask for my version of the story, Maliki kicked me out of the clan.
I'll pass while you all gasp at the audacity -- who could turf lil ol me out on my rump? Honestly!
So I commited to stay away from those damn clans till I figured out how to be a self sufficient player and became a student of the game. DaGarf had begun to take some time to answer some questions for me and the Horsemen had stopped stealing from me... could this be a sign?! As I knew I would be leaving China to go to Canada for a month in January we didn't pursue things but an uneasy truce emerged. They didnt steal from me but occasionally joined games I was in and tested my mettle. Item theft was a big problem in those days as it was enabled in SH games --> thus you couldn't kill the thief or take their city.
By the time I left for Canada I wasn't a push over any longer but often fell to the combined might of others.
After my brief stay in Canada I moved to Australia and went without internet connection for a number of months, much to my chagrin. DaGarf stayed in touch on msn and upon my return in April(?) '04 I was invited to join the ranks of the Horsemen. And here my learning began in earnest! DaGarf, though not active in play, was always there to help answer my barrage of questions while Satan took me under his wing and put in the time to play game after game after with me. Over this time learned how to train fams, compete in hero wars, understand my opponents and of course, steal your stuff. As a student of the game I explored all aspects of the game. I have figured very little out by myself in this game but have learned what I could from others where I could.
In June '04, I moved back to Canada and a consistent connection. Somewhere along the way, Diablo, who was largely inactive, stepped aside and I was made a guardian. Karam and S|B had stopped playing and Berserko was rarely around. Thus Curt, Satan and I played a great deal together and I began to appreciate the old clan motto \"We Ride Together, We Die Together\".
We took an interest in slow games, once the undisputed domain of the Khadorian Rangers, and made it ours. The slow fields of Khadoria ran thick with Ranger blood as the Horsemen rode through the Hordes dealing death and destruction. With my tale being the Horseman who killed 4 KR guardians, The Clan Master and The Clan Elder all in a single game. And the Clan Master of the ShadowMarket for good measure.
I have become an accomplished tournament player and still have a fair bit to learn; most notably in MM - an aspect of the game in which I am still weak. I have glossed over a great deal of the nitty gritty details of my history but this is a pretty good survey. I've killed just about everybody there is to kill in one forum or another, and had the same done to me. Let's Brawl.
Ware!! The Horsemen Ride!
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