Call of the Kings
The Mirror Black

This is an online hybrid strategy roleplaying game set in the Empire of Khadoria, an ancient realm held together by the strong will and political cunning of its Emperor.

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Persistent Game
Online multiplay. Invite your friends. And then destroy them! Leave the game and come back later to issue new orders. Stay online and command heroes and armies in conquest of regional capitals, dungeons and mines. Each game lasts 3-5 months.
Two Timelines
You participate in the imperial game where you build your infrastructure and power base at a slow strategic pace measured in days. Meanwhile you can send your aunts and uncles to fight on the colonial frontiers where the battles are measured in minutes and hours.
The Empire
Interact with thousands of players in the same game world. Control your main family through the warfare and intrigue of the empire and participate in political decisions on a global scale.
The Colonies
Room for up to 200 players in each colonial game. Each colony has regional capitals available for conquest. The clans that conquer and hold specific colonial frontiers will gain benefits in all other battles till the frontier is lost to another clan.
Massive Warfare
Move armies into combat using more than 160 different troop types of 6 different fantasy races. Recruit heroic hirelings and vicious monsters. Customize them using more than a 100 skills and enchantments.
All actions and army movement happens in realtime. However income only arrives once per game month reducing the need for continuous resource micromanagement and increasing the time available for strategy and politics.
Industry & Science
Accumulate Man Labor and invest it in construction and research. The players in a kingdom share the same technology. Improve your weapons and skills. Build a thriving infrastructure.
Cloak & Dagger
Build an underground network of intrigue using underground headquarters, spies, sabotage and assassins. Getting intelligence about the contents of enemy armies and garrisons are critical for your offensive strategy.
Raise a Family
Raise and train your heirs and hirelings. Select professions for your heirs as they grow into adults. Hunt for Dungeons and discover enchanted items.
Feudal System
Climb the ranks of nobility and honor. From Baronet to High Duke, Prince or Monarch. Collect taxes from your minions and share it with your most trusted vassals.


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Hero Screen
Evil Blue Skin
Town Screen
Town Screen

Music samples by S. Deleuran
Title Theme for Call of the Warlords (1.46mb MP3)
Call of the Warlords Ambience One (405kb MP3)
Call of the Warlords Ambience Two (208kb MP3)
Call of the Warlords Guitar Ambience (219kb WAV) (396kb MP3) 

The requirements for the Call of the Kings Beta Test are:

- 3D enabled graphics card. Geforce4+ equivalent or better
- Monitor capable of 16 bit color at 1024 x 768
- Java
- 200mb free hard drive space