MOUNTAIN TROLLS, Two main races of the trolls exist. The Mountain Trolls are huge and strong. 9'-11' tall. But they rarely participate in the wars and politics of the empire.
HILL TROLLS, The smaller Hill Trolls are fast and deadly. 6'-9' tall. Due to their ancestral hunting grounds in the foot hills and deep forests they cross path with the other races of the Empire on a more regular basis than their larger cousins.
TROLL KUUM KHA, look like the hill trolls but are generally more intelligent due to prolonged exposure to the orcish tribes. They are often found as the elite guards of goblin chieftains

GREY ORCS include a number of goblin castes described below. They have a black to gray complexion with straight tusks in the lower jaw. They are diurnal.

ORC AZAN KHA, are cheap and eager. They are small and among the lowest ranking orcs in the goblin tribes. When they are not being pitted against other tribes in blood feuds by bored chieftains they are engaged in slave-like work in the mining camps.
ORC UZUN KHA, are braver and better trained in warfare. They are the normal fighting caste, but they are usually kept in reserve till the Orc Azan Kha have been spent on the foes.
ORC TURGAZ KHA, are intelligent and deadly. They are specially bred warriors and they make up the elite of the goblin legions. They are usually man sized and heavily muscled.
ORC GRIMZOG KHA, Wolfriders. They are recruited from the ranks of Azan- and Uzun Kha. They are bred for agility and trained all life to ride the dread wolves.

DREAD WOLVES, are bred to carry orcs. They are larger and meaner than normal wolves. Most of the goblin clans have a small contingent of Wolfriders.

Clans, Tribes and Bands

Orc Pikeman by Matthew K. Nelson CLAN KHURK, One of the only mountain troll tribes known to engage in large scale warfare. Due to their size and strength they are feared on all battlefields.

CLAN URCATH, A mercenary tribe of hill trolls. Not much is known about them.

CLAN MORKATOR, orcs, They have their nostrils cut open and hair worn in many braids. They are called "medusas" by the other tribes. 

CLAN SURKAL, orcs with vertical scars in their entire face. Also called "Scarfaces". They are notorious for their ability to use stealth and they are the scourge of caravans in some parts of the Empire.

CLAN UZUG, orcs and a few trolls. They have a leaping wolf tattooed in green on their chests and several piercings adorn their faces. They usually have curved swords as their weapon of choice. 

  • ORAZ-GATORR, is the Lord of the Crimson Alliance. He is a huge and deadly mountain troll known on more than one occasion to have eaten his vanquished foes. 
  • SARGOTH-TOR, is the Uzug High Shaman. He is an orc and a powerful conjurer that holds large respect in all goblin clans and tribes. 
  • TARCOZ, is an Orc Grimzog Khâ, a famous wolfpack raider. It is said that the scar tissue on his body has grown so thick that no blades can give him a lethal wound.  

  • CLAN AZIR, are mainly orcs. They paint their tusks bright red and have three parallel scars on their foreheads. 

    CLAN MAUKA, are orcs and some trolls. A black circle is tattooed on their foreheads. They are very skilled smiths and engineers. Being one of the only goblin tribes skilled in siege warfare they often end up in sieges involving goblin chieftains. 

    CLAN GLUGG, are orcs with a large troop of Wolfriders. They are marked with black entangling tattoos all over their chests and arms. The hair is arranged in spikes, which are dyed crimson red.

    CLAN NURKHA, are orcs including many Wolfriders. They are bald except for a long ponytail. They are very skilled breeders of dread wolves. 

    TRIBE THUNDERSTORM, is a secluded cult of orcs riding on tamed griffins. They are considered outside the goblin caste system, but they hold great respect among the other clans and tribes. 

    TRIBE BLACK BLADES, is an alliance of veteran orcish mercenary companies that help the best paying chieftains solve problems. Usually in short term internal feuds etc.

    TRIBE PANZERFISTS, is another mercenary company that sells it services to the best paying Clans.

    TRIBE BURNING WHEEL, is a fanatic orcish cult of demon worshipers. Many members of this tribe have magical abilities obtained through dark rites that are said to claim the souls of their participants. 

    TRIBE BLUE CLAW, are outlaws who raid the other Clans or take hire as mercenaries.

    CRIMSON ALLIANCE, is an imperial political alliance, which from the early days has opposed the Empire from within. It is currently led by the Clanlord Oraz-Gartorr.

    CRIMSON HANDS, Shadowwarriors trained to infiltrate and raid. They are deadly assassins. They mostly consist of orcs, but other races have been known to train with the Crimson Hands.