Many intelligent species inhabit the World 

THE HUMANS are the most numerous and their cultures range from the barbarians roaming the seas in their longships from Storishalla, to the sultans of Rayagapur and the religious sand dwelling fanatics from Olaikhan. The two most used distinctions are between the white skinned humans THE ANGLIAN and the black desert people THE SAHELIYEEN. The ancient culture of the Sahel is the backbone of the Khadorian Empire and it has only been during the last few centuries that the other races of the realms have been integrated into the Khadorian aristocratic society by a succession of powerful and visionary emperors.

THE ELVES live mainly in the large woodland kingdoms of Alanwyn and Anhk but colonies exist outside these realms as well. They are mortal but diseases and aging have little effect on them. Due to their high age potential many of them learn to master magic. Some of the most notorious wizards in the history of Khadoria were of elven origin.

THE DWARVES are small, strong and stocky. There are rumors in some lands that the peculiar small dwarves have bearded wives. This is not true and only the most ignorant people living far from the caves of the dwarves keep claiming this fact. Their finest kingdom is Koram.

THE GNOMES are often mistaken for female dwarves, a comparison that in most cases will result in a stolen purse if uttered directly to the gnome. They are rarely taller than three feet and they are brilliant scouts and excel in stealth and ambushes.

THE GOBLINOIDS are a fairly heterogenic group consisting of races, which were originally spawned in the most rugged and wild areas of Khadoria. Survival in these inhospitable regions has made the goblinoids into fierce dark creatures. Fighting to stay alive has always been part of their heritage and their aggressiveness can still be seen in their culture in the present Imperial Ages. 

The larger species are called trolls and the smaller are called orcs.

THE TROLLS are brutal giants. They are stocky and strong and live in small groups or in close conjunction with the orcish clans. Some are intelligent and others are stupid brutes. They do not have any areas dedicated to their race, but trolls appear in nearly every evil realm of Khadoria as the elite muscle of the military. 

The members of the clan called Kuum Khâ are especially intelligent and talented in the arts of war and they are highly esteemed mercenaries.

THE ORCS are the backbone of every dark army. They are small, hunched, sinewy and strong with dark gray skin and lots of black hair. They flood out of their mountain caves to war on each other and sometimes on common foes when mastered by brilliant minds. 

THE UNDEAD are not really considered a race, but some regions under the dominion of demons or undead sorcerers do exist. It is usually the effects of corrupting evil spells that turn people into living dead. Many wizards have been known to be swayed by the Dark Laws and their practice has turned them into vile things of the night.