Unique Guilds and Groups

CORIN'S LIONS, a group of human mercenaries specializing in escalation and bringing down castle walls. They can be hired, but their services are expensive. It was the work of Corin's Lions that brought down the famed walls of Shon Morva during the Burning Wheel Rebellion.

THE BLACK MOON, a guild of famous assassins. If you get to know these deadly people you better be on the paying end of the deal. Rumors say that it was a Black Moon poison that was found on the dart that killed the last Emperor!

THE HUNTING EAGLE, a famous order of warriors. Their code of honor bids them to serve valiant monarchs only. Their masters have to prove themselves worthy in mind and battle before they engage in any deals. But if you get their service you can expect that they'll fight to the death for you.

THE HIRD, The Southern Kings of the previous century had a standing elite legion of warriors that was feared on all continents. Strong healthy babies were "adopted" by a warrior cult where they were raised and trained by champions of the Southern Tribes. Legend claims that they were bred on the flesh of their fallen foes. They knew only battle and war. In battle they use huge two-handed swords. In this time and age the numbers of the Hird have dwindled, but the cult still exists.

FORGHA-AIDUR, Human soldiers specializing in sieges and artillery. Their master, Sir Godfrey, is the only man so far who has managed to hit a grazing cow with a boulder from a catapult on a distance of over 600 yards. But the skill of the Forgha-Aidur must surely be available for other purposes as well.

RANUR DRANN-BAGHA, also known as the "Brothers". They are skilled human mercenary pikemen and they are feared on every battlefield of Khadoria. Their techniques with closed formations and long range pikes are formidable.

KORLAGHA TROI, excellent rangers and scouts. These people are said to be able to track anything anywhere. They have been used as spies by the courts of Tricor and Shanisyr but their true strength lies in the wilderness.

MAELHRYMS COMPANY, an organization of mercenaries skilled in advanced warfare. Their company was formed by two of the best students to ever leave the academy of the Imperial City. They are extremely disciplined and they can use a variety of fancy and very effective battle formations.